About us

 Hommes Estates & Facilities Limited is a leading real estate company specializing in property development, real estate investment advisory services, civil works, facilities management, general contracts and services. 

Established in 2011, Hommes Estates & Facilities Limited has over the years grown to become a valued brand in the Abuja real estate industry. Our portfolio showcases a mix of successful projects, including residential and commercial developments. With our primary focus on market demands, we have consistently delivered exceptional spaces that meet the evolving needs of our market. 

The company currently has a clientele base of well over 500 clients to whom it provides different property portfolio management related services for both within and outside Abuja. Our services range from Property Development, Facilities Management to Property Investment Advisory services. 

Our Management Team

Jamike Onyedibe, CEO

" I am proud to lead a team dedicated to building a better future. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability drives our success in delivering exceptional projects. Together, we shape landscapes and communities that stand as testaments to our expertise and vision."

Kaureen Adoga, CO

" At Hommes Estates and Facilities Limited, we ensure efficient project planning and resource optimization, resulting in successful, on-time deliveries."

Eleana Meze, CLO

"We are deeply committed to compliance, diligently adhering to all relevant laws and regulations to uphold the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness in our industry."

Joy Abah, CFO

"Our financial strategy optimizes resource allocation thereby enabling sustainable growth and success."