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Creating simple, beautiful and affordable real estate investments. Be it for commercial, residential or direct investment purpose, we strive to always deliver excellent value for money.

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Hommes Estates & Facilities Ltd is an Abuja based Real Estate Development and Facilities Management Company established in January 2011.

The company currently has a clientele base of well over 500 clients to whom it provides different property portfolio management related services for both within and outside Abuja. These services range from Property Development, Total Facilities Management to Property Investment Advisory services.

Are you thinking of Investing?

Hommes Estates & Facilities is more than a real estate company; we are your partner in success. Our commitment is to provide you with a platform where your business can thrive and reach new heights. Join the league of successful enterprises that have chosen to make Hommes Estates & Facilities their business home.  

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Our Offerings

Executive Business Suites 

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled work environment. Our executive business suites seamlessly blend modern design with cutting-edge technology to elevate your professional image.  

Tailored Office Spaces 

Find the perfect space that aligns with your unique business needs. From open collaborative areas to private offices, our spaces are crafted to inspire productivity and innovation.  

State-of-the-Art Facilities  

Elevate your business operations with our state-of-the-art facilities. From high-speed internet to advanced security systems, we provide the infrastructure for your success.  

Our Services

Real Estate Development 

  Creating vibrant commercial spaces from concept to completion, maximizing value for thriving businesses.

Consultancy and Advisory  

Optimizing real estate assets to drive growth and maximize returns with tailored strategies.  

Construction Services  

Delivering quality craftsmanship and efficiency from planning to execution for successful projects.  

Total Facilities Management.  

Efficiently managing every aspect of property operations, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives.  

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